The next series from MERC is on Kickstarter this holiday season!

It's going to be bloody...

It's going to be sexy...

It's going to be our biggest campaign yet...

It's going to be... BORN OF BLOOD!

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Deathrage #3 is a success!

We're so excited to bring you the third installment of DEATHRAGE!! Lets get right into with a preview of what's in store...

Mark Freeman is back, and he's got a suit. His new friend, Gwen Leslie, has agreed to help him break back into Teddy's factory to get some answers. Until then, he just has to keep his cool and stay under the radar... easier said than done.

Candy is hot with revenge for her burnt up arm, and she isn't going to wait for Mark to show up to get it. Marla's army of robotic teddy bears wasn't enough. 

She's calling in the Kodiak Syndicate to take care of him once and for all.

Get ready for an action packed issue #3!!