About MERC

MERC is the publishing company for indie titles: Miss Meow, Deathrage, and Born of Blood. 

We started our indie comic company in May of 2020. Jamie and Shawn came up with the building blocks of our universe in a parking lot between Indiana and Missouri where they had met to exchange comics. That conversation led to the creation of a universe filled with mercenaries, Spartans and a tech genius with a pink battle suit. It took only a few weeks for Murphey to put herself up to write the first issue which eventually led to the position of running MERC as a whole.

The first kickstarter campaign was wildly successful with over 1000 backers!! We knew we had something special here to build. In June of 2021, we opened the MERC warehouse in Greenwood IN and have many big plans for the year to come!


Our Team:

Murphey is the head writer, editor in chief and CEO of the Merc Magazine universe.

Murphey grew up in the comics industry through her dad who created Head Press Publishing. As a teenager, she drew comic strips on receipt paper during her down town as a waitress. She started working with Jamie Tyndall as his convention sales manager in 2016. In 2018, she joined him in St Louis to start a business creating metal prints and comics. When the shut down of 2020 ended convention appearances, Murphey, Jamie, and Shawn started constructing the Merc Magazine universe. 

If you send us a massage or email, it's Murphey you will be hearing from! 



Jamie Tyndall is a co-creator and co-owner of the Merc Magazine universe.


Jamie Tyndall graduated with an honors degree from the University of Toronto in art and history coupled with another degree from Sheridan College of Art in Toronto. He was co-creator of Absolute Comics Group in 2017. His amazing fans jump started the home of White Widow to on the indie comics charts with the release of White Widow #1. He has had the honor of working with Zenescope , IDW Entertainment, Valiant Entertainment, Coffin Comics, Contraband, and Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment. Various titles in his cover portfolio include GI JOE, Transformers, My little pony, TMNT, Archie, Grimm Fairy Tales, Red Sonja, Alice in Wonderland, Ninjak, Godzilla and Danger Girl. I have also done concept and promotional work for FOX STUDIOS on movies such as Deadpool, X-men and Logan. 





Shawn Hudachko is a co-creator and co-owner of MERC and owner of Comics Elite. "He sells Comics" 





Dolan is an editor and writer for the Merc Magazine universe


Dolan has been reading comics books as far back as 1st grade when his uncle would give him damaged comics from his distribution plant for him to read.  His first comics were Uncanny X-men #166 and Adventures of Superman #453 which he still owns to this day.  In high school, he was in the advanced art classes, art club, and the creative writing club. Since then, he’s been writing comic books in local competitions, collecting comics, and critiquing them on a weekly basis. In 2021, Merc Magazine gave Dolan his first professional writing opportunity with Born of a blood, and he wants to ensure he left a lasting impression upon his readers.